A Quick Easy Way To A Golden Tan Without Sun Damaged Skin.

(Skin test and consultation required prior to tanning)








All tanning products work by colouring the top layer of your skin cells. Therefore as your skin cells are replaced the tan will fade. Some areas of skin will fade more quickly.



The tanning solution I use contains 100% natural organic DHA enriched with pure Aloe Vera and vitamins A and E.  It is also infused with Starfruit and Kiwi herbal complex to increase the skin's hydration and the production of dermal collagen, as well as helping to preserve your skin's elasticity and firmness.  It is free from Parabens, alcohol and perfume.

By following the advice below you will get the best results.  Your tan will last between 7-10 days but this will vary from person to person. 

I strongly advise that if you're wanting a tan for a special occasion and you've not had one before, to book in for a "test" one to ensure you are happy with the result.

If it's for a special occasion then try to have it done at least 2 days before.



Day Prior To Tanning:

Exfoliate thoroughly to remove dead skin cells.

Moisturise to provide a smooth surface for your tan.

Shave or wax the day before not on the day of appointment.



Day of Your Appointment:

Remove make-up,  perfume & deodorant.

Wear loose, dark clothing, dark underwear & avoid long boots as these can make tan patchy.

Remove any jewellery.

If you want the best result it is vital to follow all of this pre tan preparation. Certain body sprays, deodorant etc will make the tan turn green!



Your Tanning Appointment:

On arrival I will go through everything with you, but so you know what to expect here is some more information.  

After you've signed the consent form I will apply barrier cream to any dry areas of skin and also around your nails to prevent staining. You will be provided with a shower hat to protect your hair.

If you are having an all over tan you can choose how much skin you wish to expose. I can provide disposable underwear or you can wear you own (bring dark coloured ones).  I will then ask you to step into the tanning tent.

During the tanning process I will ask you to change position to ensure even coverage.

When tan has been applied you need to wait a few minutes for tan to dry.

The colour you see initially is a guide colour only & not a true indicator of the final result. 

Do not be alarmed if it looks darker than you expect or patchy in places as it is the guide colour. When you shower this off your actual tan will have developed underneath.








Aftercare Advice:


Allow tan to develop,  then shower after 30 mins (for a light tan), 1-2 hours (for a medium tan) or up to 6 hours (if you want to go ultra dark!).  Avoid scrubbing your skin & pat dry.

Avoid swimming, exercise, for 6-7 hours after application as this will reduce development of your tan or leave it patchy.

Do not shave or wax for 24 hours & bear in mind that if you do it will make tan patchy as it will remove skin cells.

Moisturise regularly to help prolong your tan.

If sleeping with the guide colour on use dark bedding or it will mark the sheets.



Full Body  (approx 30 mins)   £18

Upper Chest, Upper Back, Arms & Face (approx 20 mins)  £15

Legs or Arms  (approx 20 mins)  £10

* If you are under 18 I will need parental consent for insurance purposes.

* Due to the size of my beauty room tanning has to be done in a separate appointment to any other treatments as I have to move furniture around!!