Prescriptive Repair Treatment To Strengthen Your Nails.

This revolutionary nail repair system will help fragile nails to grow and become stronger.



IBX Nail Repair is the first treatment of it's kind. This toughening system works inside your nail rather than sitting on the top like other nail strentheners. It actually fuses the layers in the upper portion of your nail plate together thereby reducing splits, peeling and breakage.

This can be used on it's own to encourage and repair natural nails or in conjunction with normal polish or CND Shellac.
After the initial repair treatment and assessment of your nails I can then advise you on how often you may want to have follow up repair. Additional repair is slightly quicker and cheaper than your first session.
IBX Repair (Initial Treatment) - £10
IBX Follow On Treatment - £6
If combined with full manicure or Shellac prices will be higher.