CND Shellac


CND Shellac is a combination of gel and polish. 

It's applied like a polish but after curing in an LED lamp dries to a tough yet flexible coating. It wears flawlessly, with continuous shine and is removed in minutes. I've wear this  all the time,  have done gardening, housework & beauty treatments and they still look fantastic!!  It is also great if you have dry, brittle nails as it acts like a protective coating.




Shellac is hypo allergenic & free from the chemicals in most polishes so is kinder to your nails. A base coat, colour and top coat are applied and cured  under an LED lamp so are completely dry instantly!!


Also available,  Shellac with glitters for a bit of sparkle!




Shellac is also extremely versatile and a wide range of looks can be created when blending with CND Additive powders and glitters, or combining with new nail stamping.

The tough part is choosing what to have!









Shellac Application - Includes file, cuticle tidy and conditioning with Solar Oil.   £20
Additional nail art (eg: stamping, glitters etc)  £2 upwards depending what you have.

Shellac Removal Followed By Reapplication - £20 (please note if you are having a polish removed that was applied somewhere else removal will be charged for).

Shellac Manicure or Pedicure - Application of Shellac combined with a manicure or pedicure (described on nail treatment page).  £30

Shellac Removal - For safe, quick removal. Includes conditioning with Solar Oil. £5.   Removal with nail shape & tidy up £10.





To ensure your Shellac lasts it helps to follow these tips:

Wear gloves when using detergents & cleaning products, washing up or gardening.

If you use insect repellent or sun cream when on holiday wash your hands afterwards. Deet is an ingredient which is found in some products and has been found to weaken Shellac.

Do not use your nails as tools.

Use Solar oil at least twice a day (especially at night). This keeps your natural nails & the skin around them hydrated and healthy.