Have You Been Minxed?! 





Minx are flexible wraps which are applied using a little heat and pressure. Won't chip or smudge and are popular with a lot of celebrities.











No drying time required.  Will last 4-6 weeks on most toes (sometimes more!) & up to 5 days on fingers.  Wide range of patterns/colours available.  


Please note that Minx will adhere better to your nails if they have an edge. They can be put onto short nails but may not last for as long. It is best not to cut them prior to application....I'll sort them for you!! 


If your nails are in poor condition it is advisable to have a pedicure or manicure prior to Minx application as this will give better results.  Minx is a fashion finish, not a nail treatment product.








Minx Application To Fingers Or Toes - Treatment includes file & cuticle tidy. (30-45 mins depending on condition of nails)  £15



Full Pedicure Or Manicure Followed By Minx Application -  (1hr 15 mins approx)  £30