Special Offers & Updates




From March 1st there will be a price increase to my holistic therapies.


This is in line with product price rises and to ensure I continue to provide you with luxurious treatments that leave you feeling fantastic!


Reflexology - £25


Indian Head Massage - £22
















In line with the requirements set out by the General Data Protection Regulation you can be assured Zélie's Beauty will only ever use the details you share to ensure you are receiving the best, safest and most appropriate treatment for you.







Zélie's Beauty is committed to ensuring your privacy is protected at all times.  

The following information may be collected when you attend your appointment: 



*  Your name 

Contact details including address and postcode. 

* Information relating to  your general health and any medical issues     which may affect or contraindicate your treatment.

* Your written consent agreeing to treatment



Why Is This Information Needed? 


I require these details to tailor each treatment to your individual needs and to provide you with the best, safest service possible.  It is also a requirement for my insurance purposes. 

You can be assured your personal information is kept secure at all times and is not shared with anyone else. 



Control Of Your Personal Information 


If you think that any personal details I have about you are incorrect please contact me via email as soon as possible. 













If for any reason you are unable to attend your appointment I completely understand. Things happen, but please can you let me know as soon as possible, via text, phone or Facebook.

If you arrive too early I maybe with a client and if you're late it will mean I have to rearrange your appointment. Equally, I can't change booked treatments on arrival, as this means setting up different equipment and altered timings.

Although I work from home I'm extremely busy and have clients booked before and after your appointment. This means I have to clean up and prepare for each booking to ensure you all receive the best service.
 I have a list of clients who want to book if I get a cancellation, so if you don't let me know until the last minute I've lost a potential booking and wasted my time.

Due to a few no shows recently I am afraid that if an appointment is missed without at least 12 hours notice a fee will be incurred.