Special Offers & Updates









More details available next month 










Are you ready for Summer?





From Callus Peels and Pedicures for pretty feet to a quick spray tan to give you a boost I'm currently booking up fast for June.





































Still giving you a natural looking colour but in half the time & you can choose how dark you go. 














 Chrome nail powders are now available for those of you who like the shiny look! 


























Lots of new glitters, nail art and colours to make you sparkle,

plus NOW available Nail Stamping!


This adds a whole new dimension to nail art and looks stunning.

















If for any reason you are unable to attend your appointment I completely understand. Things happen, but please can you let me know as soon as possible, via text, phone or Facebook.

If you arrive too early I maybe with a client and if you are late it will mean I have to rearrange your appointment. Equally, I can't change booked treatments on arrival, as this means setting up different equipment and altered timings.

Although I work from home I'm extremely busy and have clients booked before and after your appointment. This means I have to clean up and prepare for each booking to ensure you all receive the best service.

 I have a list of clients who want to book if I get a cancellation, so if you don't let me know until the last minute I've lost a potential booking and wasted my time.

Due to a few no shows recently I am afraid that if an appointment is missed without at least 12 hours notice a fee will be incurred.