Special Offers & Updates








 Please be aware that from February 1st there will be a small increase on some treatments due to increased costs from suppliers.

This ensures I can continue providing you with the best service & products which you all deserve. 









 Always popular during the colder weather. Immerse your hands into warm paraffin wax to soothe and condition, then enjoy a hand massage with luxurious cream to boost circulation and relax you. Finishing with Solar Oil applied to your nails and cuticles to rehydrate and nourish them.















Takes reflexology to a whole new level.


If for any reason you are unable to attend your appointment I completely understand. Things happen, but please can you let me know as soon as possible, via text, phone or Facebook.

If you arrive too early I maybe with a client and if you're late it will mean I have to rearrange your appointment. Equally, I can't change booked treatments on arrival, as this means setting up different equipment and altered timings.

Although I work from home I'm extremely busy and have clients booked before and after your appointment. This means I have to clean up and prepare for each booking to ensure you all receive the best service.
 I have a list of clients who want to book if I get a cancellation, so if you don't let me know until the last minute I've lost a potential booking and wasted my time.

Due to a few no shows recently I am afraid that if an appointment is missed without at least 12 hours notice a fee will be incurred.