Fantastic Treatment For Those Of You With Rough, Hard Skin Build Up On Your Heels.


This treatment gently removes the build up of hard skin we commonly get on our heels and sometimes on the soles of our feet.

You relax on my couch while I apply the Callus Peel patches to your heels. These are wrapped for a few minutes and after I take them off, the excess skin can then be easily removed. You then enjoy a relaxing foot massage with specialist moisturiser to leave them baby soft.




Callus Peel To Heels - £20

Heels & Soles - £28

Deluxe Heel Treatment With File & Polish - £30 or £38 if having heels and soles done

Please note if you  are pregnant, diabetic or suffer with skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis this treatment is not recommended, but feel free to have a chat with me so I can assess you  properly.