An Amazingly Powerful Therapy That Will Leave You Feeling Completely Relaxed.




Indian head massage is a form of massage applied to the head, neck, shoulders, upper arms, scalp & face. The treatment also incorporates the use of acupressure techniques which help to ease tension & release stress & negative energy.


Benefits of Head Massage:

This holistic treatment is becoming increasingly more popular and may help to relieve the following:

Insomnia, neck stiffness, sinus congestion, shoulder tension, migraines, stress, eyestrain, mental fatigue and tension in your upper back.


How Indian Head Massage Can Help You:

This therapy treats the whole person and restores energy flow to your body which leaves you with a feeling of calm. It relaxes the muscles and helps to break up tension. This eases aches, pains and tension headaches.

The massage techniques used during this treatment increase the oxygen supply to the brain and stimulate the release of endorphins. These are your body's natural painkillers and also reduce feelings of depression.

By boosting circulation to your scalp the massage also promotes healthy hair by encouraging growth and improving its general condition.



What Happens During The Treatment?


On your first visit I will go through a consultation with you about your general health and lifestyle. This information is of course confidential. You can then choose whether to have your treatment with or without oil. I tend to use sesame seed oil which is brilliant for warming the muscles and is fantastic for your hair. If you prefer not to have the oil through your hair I can just use a little on your skin.


You will be asked to remove your upper clothing and jewellery and a towel will be provided for you to wrap around yourself. Alternatively you can remain clothed and have it done without oil, although I don't feel your muscles get quite the same benefit.


The massage will then commence with you seated on a chair. There maybe areas that feel tight or tender which indicate imbalance or tension. However these usually lessen as your treatment progresses & I will always go back over "problem areas" again at the end of the massage. The session lasts about half an hour.



Aftercare Advice:


After your massage you should try to rest and drink plenty of water. This encourages any toxins to be flushed out of your body. If you have had oil applied you should dry shampoo it prior to washing. If you wish to sleep with the oil in your hair to achieve maximum benefit place a towel on your pillow.


After your treatment you may feel sleepy, relaxed or energised. Everyone responds differently, but this shows you are benefiting.